About Victoria Soap

Victoria Scandinavian Soap AB is a Swedish family run company that was founded in 1905 in Helsingborg Sweden.

Since the early 1900s we have produced soap of the highest quality in our soap factory. Our long tradition and experience has led to long standing brand names such as: Cremosin, Tallba, Victoria and Lanolin-Ägg-Tvål.

Private label

We have a long experience of manufacturing private labels. The focus point is the need and wish of the customer. We follow the product from idea to ready-made product.

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The super berry lingonberry!

A luxurious lathering soap for the whole body with shea butter, Swedish honey and lingonberry seed oil that revitalises and gives a feeling of freshness. The Scandinavian lingonberry is crammed full of vitamins, antioxidants which add nutrients and moisturises the skin.

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"Swedish women have sworn by Lanolin-Ägg-Tvål egg white soap to maintain their clear complexions for generations."

How Egg White Skincare Became a Cult…