We have a long experience of manufacturing private labels. The focus point is the need and wish of the customer. We follow the product from idea to ready-made product.

As soon as a project is under way we work actively with the development phase. We collaborate closely with our suppliers and keep ourselves up to date with the market and within the latest trends. We continually strive to develop and improve because we want the final product to suit the wish of the customer.

Our manufacturing plant for solid soap is designed to be able to offer a great flexibility. We have two different working methods , the pilé method and the cold process, depending on the type of soap.  Size wise we can offer a range of everything from small hotel soaps to bars of soap weighing up to several kilos. Our production lines are adapted to suit both larger and smaller product ranges. As we have a great many automatic packing machines as well as a manual packing department, we are able to handle most types of packaging. We stock, handle and distribute to supply without problems. During the last few years we have invested in new equipment and our machinery is built upon the latest in technology.

Apart from our product plant for solid soap, we even have a production of domestic products such as soft soap and furniture care products.

Do you have an idea that you would like to realize? Don’t hesitate, just contact us!