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Soap Empire Victoria Soap Scandinavia Expands and Acquires Respekt Danmark

Victoria Soap Scandinavia acquires Respekt Danmark and expands the production portfolio to private label customers and sees great growth potential in terms of flexibility and production in the future.

Managing Director at Victoria Soap, Jesper Thorup states, "With the purchase of Respekt Danmark, we see great growth potential for Victoria Soap Scandinavia. We are expanding our options in terms of development for our private label customers in the professional industry and can now produce with even greater flexibility and service for our customers".

Victoria Soap Scandinavia is headquartered in Helsingborg in Sweden and dates from 1905, and thus has over 100 years of experience in the production of soap. Victoria Soap is the Royal Court supplier in Sweden and supplies to the Swedish military, as well as has many private label customers in the retail industry. Customers include, among others, IKEA, Unicef and large international brand houses with soap and cosmetics and have large exports to South Korea.

Respekt Danmark is one of the Nordics' leading manufacturers of cleaning products and has over 50 years of experience. They are located near Holbæk in Denmark and have a new, state-of-the-art production facility, where up to 30,000 liters are mixed at a time and bottled on fully automatic systems. They are double certified according to both ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 Environment. Their product range ranges widely, with everything from window cleaner to old-fashioned brown soap, washing-up liquid, hand soap, machine cleaner, and cleaning agents that remove resin in sports halls and many other products. The products are sold via multinational distributors who deliver throughout the EU to hospitals, industry, and retail chains. The organization continues unchanged and former owner Michael Høyer continues as director as before. It is also expected that more people will be hired during the winter.

Jesper Thorup continues: "With the two companies together, we can now live out our growth plans and deliver even greater expertise, flexibility and service to current and new customers globally. Both companies also work with a strong focus on the environment, sustainability, and resources, and focus on making asthma and allergy-friendly cleaning products, so the synergies fit together perfectly".


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About Victoria Soap:
Victoria Soap is a multi-certified private label manufacturing facility specializing in state-of-the-art, sustainable development and production of cosmetic and household soaps.

Victoria Soap has over 100 years of invaluable experience in developing top quality products for some of the world's biggest brands and as an official supplier to the Royal Swedish Court.

The focus is on sustainability, innovation and rewarding collaborations. And of course, to deliver the world's best soaps.

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